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About Portable Cabin

Portable cabin is a building designed and built to be movable rather than permanently located. It is an affordable alternative to traditional building offices, and of course, they offer a flexible solution where accommodation is required for an uncertain period of time. Portable cabins are custom-built prefabricated structures manufactured for a variety of applications such as construction site office, security cabin, accommodation, storage, toilets, etc.

Portable cabins is also known as porta cabins and have been used since prehistoric times. Many modern types of portable cabins are designed so that they can be carried to or from the site on a large lorry and slung on and off by a crane. These cabins are often seen, alone or in groups, as temporary site offices on construction sites where they are often stacked two high with metal stairs to reach the upper level.

It is very often known a Prefab Porta Cabin and as well as Prefabricated Portable Cabin. Excel Buildtech provides solution for all your custom-built prefabricated portable structures. The Prefabricated Cabins can be easily installed on sites without requiring the massive construction activities, these cabins are used across wide range of industries. They are quite popular with Construction Companies, Builders & Developers, Turnkey Contractors, Oil and Gas Industries for Drilling, Mining / Seismic, Military Base Camps, Logistics, Geological Departments, etc.

Advantages of Porta Cabin

Variety Of Uses


Low waste



Cost Effective

Fast construction

Expansions are Easy

Indoor construction

Ability to service remote locations


Ready to Install

Our Products

Total Portable Cabins System Solution

Portable Cabin

Portable Office Cabins

Excel Buildtech cabins are built with M.S./G.I. that are durable and if required, additional cabins can be stacked above it…

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Site Office Cabins

Site Office Cabins are building structure that are customised designed in a way to provide temporary structure…

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Bunkhouses are designed in a way to provide temporary shelter for an uncertain period at a remote area with all the basic…

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Portable ACP Cabins

 Aluminum composite panels are a great way to add an elegant and modern touch to your portable cabin by creating…

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Portable Storage Cabins

We offer a wide selection of customized storage containers. Storage containers are made from high-quality steel…

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Portable Toilet Cabins

The toilets cabins are manufactured at our factory using high-grade raw material and advanced methodologies…

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